Do we need more bioinformaticists or bioinformaticians?


As we all know the major difference between a bioinformaticist and a bioinformatician is that a bioinformaticist is an expert in developing software, tools, interfaces for effective use of these tools with a pure knowledge of their usage, on the other hand, a bioinformatician is a skilled person with knowledge of the application of these tools and software without a deeper understanding of their workflows. 

It is very important to analyze information from data efficiently, Bioinformaticians, with no doubt, have a keen sense of bioinformatics tools and software’s applications under variable conditions to obtain better results. In this era, where genomic data is increasing enormously, we surely need more management techniques, interfaces, and efficient software to deal with it. For example, when it comes to analyzing data, a file full of half a trillion bases cannot be opened in Excel as it is limited to open only up to one million lines. At this stage in the world, research should not be suffered through technology limits.

Besides, those who are transitioning from wet to dry lab in academic and pharmaceutical research settings can be trained and can be provided with sharp usage and knowledge of bioinformatics tools. A programme was launched at USC’s Department of Transitional Genomics ( to train those transitioning candidates. But still in order to get more and better pieces of equipment, one needs to develop them and here come the bioinformaticists.

Indeed it takes a lot of hard work to develop such platforms, software, and interfaces to facilitate the work of bioinformaticians and experimentalists but they are always advancing in techniques which provide better tools to study, understand and resolve the problem. Besides, there is also a great demand for bioinformaticians as well because complex data analysis plays an important role in discoveries. Thus, both bioinformaticists and bioinformaticians come under the most valued persons in academics, health care, and industries such as pharmaceuticals.

There is an increasing demand for both bioinformaticists as well as for bioinformaticians, however, it takes a lot of computational skills to be a bioinformaticist. Also, in order to get more bioinformaticians and bioinformaticists, there must be more training programs which can help candidates to better understand the mechanisms and develop better platforms to ultimately get answers for problems in the biological world.

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