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Prerna Pandey

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Bioinformatics and stem cell research- A mini review

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Stem cells are cells that can be differentiated into other types and are thus pluripotent with the ability to become cells of all lineages. Cells found in the blastocyst of embryos are called as embryonic stem cells or ESCs [1, 2] that are considered “gold” standard of pluripotency [3]. There are also adult stem cells found in several tissues for the purpose of repair such as mesenchymal stem cells that have been differentiated into various other tissues [4]. Continue reading “Bioinformatics and stem cell research- A mini review” »

Bioinformatics Challenges and Advances in RNA interference

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RNA interference is a post-transcriptional gene regulatory mechanism to down-regulate the gene expression either by mRNA degradation or by mRNA translation inhibition. The mechanism involves a small partially complementary RNA against the target gene. To perform the action, it also requires a class of dedicated proteins to process these primary RNAs into mature microRNAs. The guide sequence determines the specificity of the miRNA. Therefore, the knowledge of the guide sequence is crucial for predicting its targets and also exploiting the sequence to create a new regulatory circuit. In this short review, we will briefly discuss the role and challenges in miRNA research for unveiling the target prediction by bioinformatics and to foster our understanding and applications of RNA interference. Continue reading “Bioinformatics Challenges and Advances in RNA interference” »

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