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Ritu Pandey

Ritu Pandey has 2 articles published.

Conventionally unconventional: Anecdote of small RNAs discoveries

in Genomics by

Past decade has witnessed an incredible increase in a number of small RNAs. As the name indicates, small RNAs are RNA transcripts of small (approximately 21-24 nucleotide) length [1-8]. These small RNA transcripts regulate various biological processes ranging from a response to biotic/abiotic stress to the determination of tissue specificity [1-8]. Non-coding RNAs are basically classified based on their biogenesis protocol and mode of function. Continue reading “Conventionally unconventional: Anecdote of small RNAs discoveries” »

Assembly of high-throughput mRNA-Seq data: A review

in HTS/NGS/Transcriptomics by

Transcriptome represents the complete set of all expressed transcripts (RNA molecules) present in a cell or tissue at a given point of time. The transcriptome is always dynamic in nature and keeps on changing with time driven by the external and internal environment. Continue reading “Assembly of high-throughput mRNA-Seq data: A review” »

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