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DrugQuest: Tool for Drug-associated Queries

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In this rising era of personalized medicine, drug discovery, data refining, chemical compound databases, drug information, identification of symptoms by various levels of biomarkers, bioinformatics have been playing a pivotal role in bringing out the best deliverables in a cost and time effective manner. There are various chemical databases available to provide information about various drugs, their pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, drug interactions, etc., which in turn become the major resource for a computational approach to drug discovery.  Continue reading “DrugQuest: Tool for Drug-associated Queries” »

Foldalign: a tool for secondary structure alignment of RNA

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Secondary structure formation and conformational changes play a key role in understanding molecular evolution and its functional aspects. Among DNA, RNA, and Protein, secondary structure analyses of RNA and Proteins have attracted a lot of research and development.

Continue reading “Foldalign: a tool for secondary structure alignment of RNA” »

WebFEATURE : Tool to identify and visualize Functional Sites in Macromolecules

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The identification and assignment of functions of unknown macro molecules has been observed to be faster and reliable than the sequence-based methods. This may be due to the structure-based methods which can identify molecules beyond their residues with the help of 3D space. Continue reading “WebFEATURE : Tool to identify and visualize Functional Sites in Macromolecules” »

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