Installing GROMOS96 on Ubuntu


GROMOS96 is a well-known software package used for biomolecular simulations [1]. It can be used for the molecular dynamics simulation of protein, peptide, and protein-ligand complex as well. In this article, we will install GROMOS96 on Ubuntu. Keep Reading

MD Simulation using GROMACS: Things to remember


Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation is considered amongst the important methods in bioinformatics. Installation of MD simulation software and execution of their commands is critical. It requires several parameters to be considered before performing simulations. A single mistake may result in impractical outputs. In this article, we will discuss such important things to remember during the MD simulation and installation and execution of its software (GROMACS) [1,2]. Keep Reading

Video Tutorial: MD Simulation using GROMACS

This is a video tutorial of our existing article “Molecular Dynamics (MD) Simulation using GROMACS“.

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