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Alignment-free approaches for Sequence Analysis

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Multiple Sequence Alignment (MSA) is a fundamental aspect of Bioinformatics in order to identify the species, their functions, phylogeny, study the novel genes/ proteins, and so on. Multiple MSA tools are available with different specifications, which are based on the heuristic algorithm focusing on the speed rather than the accuracy. Continue reading “Alignment-free approaches for Sequence Analysis” »

EVOBLAST: Evolutionary Fingerprinting Analysis Module

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In continuation with the series under “Do you Hyphy…”, this article envisages another very important analytical tool that Datamonkey web server[1] provides us called EVOBLAST[1,2]. EVOBALST stands for Evolutionary Fingerprinting Analysis Results[3]. Continue reading “EVOBLAST: Evolutionary Fingerprinting Analysis Module” »

Predictive metagenomics profiling: why, what and how ?

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What is predictive metagenomics profiling?

Recently, predictive metagenomics profiling (PMP) has been added to the microbial ecologist’s arsenal of strategies for probing microbial communities. Continue reading “Predictive metagenomics profiling: why, what and how ?” »

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