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IBS: Modifying the organization of biological sequences diagramatically

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Many a times, we need to visualize and summarize the existing information of the biological sequences like protein or DNA. For this purpose, a new software package has been introduced called ILLUSTRATOR Of BIOLOGICAL SEQUENCE (IBS) which is used for representing the organization of protein or nucleotide sequences in an easy, efficient and precise manner. Continue reading “IBS: Modifying the organization of biological sequences diagramatically” »

ALFALFA explained

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High throughput sequencing has revolutionized the new world of bioinformatics research. Since everyone is aware of the Human Genome project in which the human genome has been sequenced, millions of species have been sequenced so far. Sequencing is a very important aspect of bioinformatics so new faster and better sequencing techniques are needed . New sequencing platforms produce biological sequence fragments faster and cheaper.

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