Systems Biology - Page 4

Basics of Mathematical Modelling – Part 1

Biochemical processes are simply complex, and their apparent feature does not easily allow us to investigate what exactly system means. Moreover, most of the biochemical processes obey nonlinear reaction kinetics. That is, amount of reactant (Protein/RNA/DNA/) is not directly proportional to its product. Keep Reading

BioMiner & Personalized Medicine: A new perspective


Personalized medicines have become a very important part of the medicine world now a days. They are also known as ‘Individualized Medicines’. Personalized medicines allow a doctor to prescribe more specific and efficient medicines to a particular patient. This concept has created many more opportunities and aspects in the medicine world. Keep Reading

Tumor progression prediction by variability based expression signatures


Cancer has become a very common disease now a days, but the main reason of causing this is unknown up till now. Various reasons have been given and recent research says that improper sleeping patterns may also lead to cancer. Like cause of cancer is difficult to predict, similarly, its progression and prognosis is also very difficult. Despite of many advances in cancer treatment, early detection is still very difficult. Keep Reading

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