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[email protected] asked 2 years ago

I want to use autodock4Zn, for that I have to use Vina 1.2.1 which is no longer availableas an executable on windows. So I installed ubuntu WSL on widows and tried to install vina 1.2.1 by following the instructions available at this address: downloaded the file vina 1.2.1_linux_x86_64 then launched the command \\\\\\\”./vina_1.2.0_linux_x86_64 –help\\\\\\\” but I have the message: \\\\\\\”-bash: ./vina_1.2.0_linux_x86_64: No such file or directory\\\\\\\” j \\\\\\\’ve tried other variants (\\\\\\\”vina_1.2.0_linux_x86_64: command not found\\\\\\\”) but nothing works. can you help me?  

Dr. Muniba FaizaDr. Muniba Faiza Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi, the link is not working.