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apple-152Let’s BLAST it. Let’s for once not look for outcome. Let’s break the conventional boundaries and enter into a field which might not pay us even a penny. As Bioinformaticists and Bioinformaticians, we have always believed in going to CINEMA and having a BLAST.

Our Story

After months of content planning, meetings, consulting and fretting over, we finally said it. It all started with a need – a need to establish a bioinformatics resource for the growth of this discipline.

So one day, we assembled over tea at greens of Jamia and decided that we should establish a much needed news source of bioinformatics ourselves. If we can not do it ourselves, no one can do it. Science reporting is a very difficult business and nobody would dare to enter it if we didn’t.

That was the birth of Bioinformatics Review. We have come up with an excellent and credible team to ensure contents are all interesting, we will make sure that we keep you up to date with latest developments taking place in Bioinformatics.


We are proud we took that one small step.


Our Success

Today the team at Bioinformatics Review is 21 strong with four permanent positions. Every month we have an average of 100 thousand readers from across the globe. Proud to say that we are successful. This journey would not have been possible without the support of our great editors, authors and of course you -the visitor. With a great thankfulness we look forward to advertisements and funding to sustain the cost of servers, management and our team.

It all started with a dream and You are the most important asset that we can have. Join us, contribute to Bioinformatics Review, Share it and spread the spirit!

Revised – July 16, 2016,
Oct 21, 2015
Created – Oct 3 2015