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Beginner’s Guide for Docking using Autodock Vina


We have compiled all articles on docking into a Special Issue. This is a complete guide on molecular docking using Autodock Vina for beginners. It includes blind docking, site-specific docking, installation, output analysis, and so on. Keep Reading

How to perform virtual screening using Autodock Vina?


Virtual screening is used to identify small molecules that are most likely to bind to a target protein. There is various software available for virtual screening including GOLD [1] and GLIDE [2]. Autodock Vina [3] which is a freely accessible software and provides good results can also be used for screening various ligands. Recently, Autodock Vina has provided plugins [4] to facilitate virtual screening. In previous articles, we have provided tutorials for the installation of Raccoon and Raccoon2 plugins on Ubuntu. Keep Reading

Vina output analysis using Discovery Studio visualizer


The discovery studio (DS) visualizer [1] offers several features for analyzing docking results. In previous articles (“Tutorial: Vina Output Analysis Using PyMol” and “Video Tutorial: Autodock Vina Result Analysis with PyMol“), the analysis of Autodock Vina [2] result using the Pymol viewer [3] was explained. In this article, the Autodock Vina result is being analyzed in the DS visualizer [1]. Keep Reading

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