Installing CRISPRCasFinder on Ubuntu


CRISPR/Cas9 is a genome editing technology trending fastly. It is used to identify CRISPR associated genes within the genomes of prokaryotic bacterias. Several tools are available for this. Amongst them, CRISPRCasFinder is one that is used to search for CRISPRs and Cas genes in sequence data [1]. In this article, we will install CRISPRCasFinder on Ubuntu. Keep Reading

Genozip- a new compression tool for VCF files


Variant Call Format (VCF) is a text file format used to store thousands of genomic datasets. Since these files consist of a large number of gene sequences, their file size is quite large even after compression. Recently, a new compression tool has been introduced known as genozip [1]. Keep Reading

Methods to detect the effects of alternative splicing and transcription on proteins


Alternative splicing and the transcription are the most familiar processes amongst the biological processes. Alternative splicing is a process by which various forms of mRNA are generated from the same gene. A gene consists of various exons and introns and the exons are joined together in different ways [1]. Keep Reading

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