How to install Cortex on Ubuntu?


Cortex is a user-friendly framework for genome analysis [1]. It acquires less memory and is quite efficient in performance. It’s installation involves various steps. In this article, we will install Cortex on Ubuntu. Keep Reading

How to Compress and Decompress FASTQ, SAM/BAM & VCF Files using genozip?


genozip is a tool for lossless compression of large files including VCF, FASTQ, and SAM/BAM files [1]. In this article, we explain the usage of the genozip tool for the compression and decompression of these files. Keep Reading

Installing BCFtools on Ubuntu


BCFtools is a set of utilities that are used to manipulate variant call files (VCF) and binary call files (BCF). It can be used for both compressed and uncompressed sort of files. In this article, we will install BCFtools on Ubuntu. Keep Reading

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