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Mistakes made during Autodock Vina Installation and Execution


Several errors occur while installing MGLTools and Autodock Vina on Ubuntu. We have explained the complete process of Autodock Vina installation and docking in previous articles. Here are some common errors and mistakes that should be taken care of while installing and running Vina on Ubuntu. Keep Reading

What does a bioinformatician do?

Bioinformaticians play an important part in data analysis and result interpretation in the field of bioinformatics. However, it is unclear to many what specific role bioinformaticians play day to day. We are often asked by many about what exactly a bioinformatician does. But first, who is a bioinformatician?

Keep Reading

MGL Tools & Autodock Vina installation: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


I have been receiving several e-mails from researchers and students alike regarding the installation of MGL Tools and Autodock Vina on Ubuntu. Most questions are similar in nature, so I thought of answering them once and for all. In this article, I have collected some frequently asked questions and provided the link to their answers present in our question-answer section of Bioinformatics Review. Keep Reading

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