Tariq Abdullah

Tariq is founder of Bioinformatics Review and a professional Software Developer at IQL Technologies. His areas of expertise include algorithm design, phylogenetics, MicroArray, Plant Systematics, and genome data analysis. If you have questions, reach out to him via his homepage.

Installing SAMtools on Ubuntu


SAMtools is a software package for high-throughput sequencing data analysis [1]. It consists of three separate packages: SAMtools, BCFtools, and HTSlib. We are going to install SAMtools only on Ubuntu. For the installation tutorial of BCFtools, click here. Keep Reading

New Information regarding binding pattern of SARS-CoV-2 and ACE-2

We all are aware of the covid-19 pandemic since last year it spread worldwide. New information is being published regularly regarding SARS-CoV-2. Recently, a comparative study is published showing the structural and functional details of the interactions of SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoproteins and angiotensin enzyme -2 (ACE-2) receptor [1]. Keep Reading

Alvis- A New Tool for Alignment & Visualization of Contigs & Reads and Chimera Detection


Visualization of running alignments of reads and contigs facilitates easy analysis and is useful in presenting assembly results. Several tools such as Artemis, BLAST Web, Circos, and so on, exist. A new tool called Alvis is developed for easy alignment and visualization of contigs and reads [1]. It can also be used for chimera detection. Keep Reading

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