Phylogenetics is the study of evolutionary relationships amongst different species, organisms, or genes. Here is the collection of articles published in Bioinformatics Review on phylogenetics.

Installing TREE-PUZZLE on Ubuntu


TREE-PUZZLE is a software to reconstruct phylogenetic trees using the maximum likelihood method [1,2]. It requires sequence data as input and implements a fast search algorithm and quartet puzzling. It can process large datasets easily. In this article, we will install TREE-PUZZLE on Ubuntu. Keep Reading

Tutorial: Constructing phylogenetic tree using MEGA7


MEGAX is a bioinformatics software/tool used for phylogenetic tree construction. In this article, we will construct a maximum likelihood (ML) tree for a number of protein sequences using MEGA7 [1]. Keep Reading

Update: A multi-epitope in silico vaccine candidate designed for Covid-19


Covid19 has created a great threat to human health. As you are aware, in this coronavirus outbreak, Bioinformatics Review has created a group, BiR-nCov19 Drug Development Team, to work on finding prevention to this disease. This research group consists of researchers from all over the world. Keep Reading

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