The Business in Scientific Publishing!?

Despite a limited audience, scientific publishing has become a big business. You see scientific journals increasing on a daily basis apart from the predatory ones. They publish your scientific articles with open access. However, the business model employed in scientific publishing is rather confusing. Keep Reading

Bioinformatics- Is It a ‘Magical’ Research Field?!

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field we all are aware of that. It has grown a lot since the last decade. It is often considered as an adjunctive field of biological research. That is also true because earlier this field was new and hadn’t been explored much. But nowadays, it is not the same anymore. Keep Reading

Bioinformatics is prediction- and simulation-based: Let’s rephrase the conversation!


Since the field of Bioinformatics has come into existence, general opinion has been that ‘Bioinformatics is all about predictions, experimental-based, and talking everything in the imagination’, or ‘the probabilistic outcomes must be approved in real world’ or ‘ the Bioinformatics results will have to be testified using the wet lab’. This indeed is true, all the predictions made by Bioinformatics drafted experiments, must be testified using the wet lab. We cannot ride on a long way just on the basis of predictions and assumptions. But what if this is just one side of the coin? We still need to flip over to see the other side of Bioinformatics. Keep Reading

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