Tutorial: Vina Output Analysis Using PyMol


The analysis of Autodock Vina [1] results is a bit tricky in the sense of viewing all interactions and selecting the best pose. In our last video tutorial, we explained how to analyze docking results obtained from Vina using PyMol. This article is the written guide for the same. Keep Reading

Video Tutorial: Autodock Vina Result Analysis with PyMol


This is a video tutorial to demonstrate the analysis of Autodock Vina results using PyMol, in continuation of our existing docking tutorial.

Genome editing of human embryos using CRISPR/Cas9- crossing the ethics of gene editing?

CRISPR/Cas9 system is a recently developed multi-purpose technology for genome editing [1,2] and its tool CRISPR-ERA/Cas9 is widely used as explained in the previous article [3]. The possible applications of this system have been discussed by its developers [4] and have been successfully applied for genome editing, gene function identification, and for gene therapy in animals and human cells [5-9]. Recently, a group of Chinese researchers has reported the editing of a genome using the CRISPR/Cas9 system in human embryo for the first time in history [5]. The team has attempted to remove ‘harmful’ genetic codes to be potentially replaced by the ‘good’ ones. The results are published in Protein & Cell journal [10] but have opened a topic for debate over crossing the ethics of gene editing. Keep Reading

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