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PcircRNA_finder: Tool to predict circular RNA in plants

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The non-coding circular RNAs (circRNA) play important role in controlling cellular processes. circRNAs are covalently bonded continuous closed loops which originate from the exonic region, known as exonic circRNA, but they can also arise from the intronic and the intergenic regions. Continue reading “PcircRNA_finder: Tool to predict circular RNA in plants” »

Bioinformatics data mining: an introduction

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Bioinformaticians handle a large amount of data: in TBs if not in gigs thus it becomes important not only to store such massive data but also making sense out of them. In this article, I will talk about what is data mining and how bioinformaticians can benefit from it.

What is data mining?

Data Mining is the process of discovering a new data/pattern/information/understandable models from ha uge amount of data that already exists. It is sometimes also referred to as “Knowledge Discovery in Databases” (KDD). Continue reading “Bioinformatics data mining: an introduction” »

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