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A New Python script to fetch top binding affinities from SMINA log file by Bioinformatics Review

11 June 2021: We provide a Python script ( script that fetches all binding affinities of top poses of each ligand giving a serial number to each one of them from the SMINA output log file. For more details, read the following article: – A new Python script to fetch top binding affinities from SMINA log file

Bioinformatics Review selected amongst the Top 5 Bioinformatics Magazines.

18 May 2021: Bioinformatics Review ranks 2nd on the list of Top 5 Bioinformatics Magazines on the internet.

Top 5 Bioinformatics Magazines & Publications & Journals in 2021

A New Python script for virtual screening analysis script by Bioinformatics Review

9 May 2021: We provide a Python script to fetch top results (i.e., compounds showing low binding affinities) of Autodock Vina. For more details, read the following article:

VS-Analysis: A Python Script to Analyze Virtual Screening Results of Autodock Vina

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Bioinformatics Review creates a research group on Covid-19

31 March 2020: We created a research group for development of vaccine against Covid-19. Our research has led us to create a theoretical vaccine. We are unable to proceed further due to budget constraints.

Bioinformatics Review-Research Group


BiR welcomes dignitaries to its editorial board

07 May 2016: A warm welcome to eminent scientists, researchers and scholars who have joined the editorial board of Bioinformatics Review.  We are honoured to have (Drs.) Arun Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, Mrinal Das, Shailesh Sharma, Somdutta Saha, Pratibha Pant, Vikrant Sangar, Roopam Sharma, Usha Bharadwaj, Anil Kumar and Jyoti Mishra who are newly inducted into the team. With this expansion, we hope to move forward in this endeavour with a better zeal and motivation.

BiR’s Android App Beta version released!

22 December, 2015: Beta version of Bioinformatics Review’s Android App has been released. The app is currently in beta testing. Please help us by using this app and providing us your valuable feedback. This app can be downloaded by clicking here.

BiR welcomes its new Editor-in-chief

14 Nov 2015: Dr. Prashant Pant, Asst. Professor, Dyal Singh College, University of Delhi has been appointed as the editor in cheif at Bioinformatics Review. Dr. Pant teaches at department of botany, He has an expertise in sequence analysis and NGS data analysis.oinformatics Review inducts new authors

16 Oct 2015: Many new authors were inducted in Bioinformatics Review’s Core team. A complete list of BiR’s authors and editors can be found on Team Page

BiR is Born

2 Oct 2015: Bioinformatics Review is born with Tariq Abdullah as founder and Muniba Faiza as Founding editor cum co-founder. Co-incidentally it is Gandhi’s Jayanti, realizing the Gandhian dream of inculcating scientific temperament.