Sequence Analysis

A collection of articles explaining operations of biological sequences for sequence analysis.

Installing HMMER package on Ubuntu


HMMER tool is used for searching sequence homologs using profile hidden Markov Models (HMMs) [1]. It is also one of the most widely used alignment tools. In this article, we will install the latest HMMER package on Ubuntu. Keep Reading

Installing FASTX-toolkit on Ubuntu


FASTX-toolkit is a command-line bioinformatics software package for the preprocessing of short reads FASTQ/A files [1]. These files contain multiple short-read sequences obtained as an output of next-generation sequencing. In this article, we are going to install FASTX-toolkit on Ubuntu. Keep Reading

Aligning DNA reads against a local database using DIAMOND


DIAMOND is a program for high throughput pairwise alignment of DNA reads and protein sequences [1]. It is used for the high-performance analysis of large sequence data. In this article, we will make a local database of protein sequences and align protein sequences against the reference database. Keep Reading

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