Sequence Analysis

A collection of articles explaining operations of biological sequences for sequence analysis.

NGlyAlign- A New Tool to Align Highly Variable Regions in HIV Sequences


It is necessary to detect highly variable regions in envelopes of viruses as it allows the establishment of the viruses in the human body. A new tool is developed to build and align the highly variable regions in HIV sequences. Keep Reading

How to install ClustalW2 on Ubuntu?


Clustal packages [1,2] are quite useful in multiple sequence alignments. Especially, when you need specific outputs from the command-line. In this article, we will install CustalW2 command-line tool on Ubuntu. Keep Reading

Installing HMMER package on Ubuntu


HMMER tool is used for searching sequence homologs using profile hidden Markov Models (HMMs) [1]. It is also one of the most widely used alignment tools. In this article, we will install the latest HMMER package on Ubuntu. Keep Reading

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