A collection of published articles on different bioinformatics software.

EzMAP- A New Platform for Microbiome Analysis


A new bioinformatics tool called “EzMAP” is developed for the easy analysis of the microbiome [1]. EzMAP stands for an easy microbiome analysis platform. Keep Reading

Installing SAMtools on Ubuntu


SAMtools is a software package for high-throughput sequencing data analysis [1]. It consists of three separate packages: SAMtools, BCFtools, and HTSlib. We are going to install SAMtools only on Ubuntu. For the installation tutorial of BCFtools, click here. Keep Reading

Installing PANDAseq on Ubuntu


PANDAseq is a bioinformatics tool that aligns paired-ends of Illumina sequences [1]. In this article, we are going to install PANDAseq on Ubuntu. Keep Reading

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