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Biotite: A bioinformatics framework for sequence and structure data analysis

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Sequence and structural data in bioinformatics are ever-increasing and the need for its analysis is ever-demanding likewise. As bioinformaticians analyze the data with their keen knowledge and reach important conclusions, similarly, bioinformaticists provide with the enhanced and advanced tools and software for data analysis. Continue reading “Biotite: A bioinformatics framework for sequence and structure data analysis” »

miRBase: Explained

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Micro RNAs (miRNAs) are the short endogenous RNAs (~22 nucleotides) and originate from the non-coding RNAs [1], produced in single-celled eukaryotes, viruses, plants, and animals [2]. miRNAs are capable of controlling homeostasis [2] and play significant roles in various biological processes such as degradation of mRNA and post-translational inhibition through complementary base pairing [3].  Continue reading “miRBase: Explained” »

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