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PcircRNA_finder: Tool to predict circular RNA in plants

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The non-coding circular RNAs (circRNA) play important role in controlling cellular processes. circRNAs are covalently bonded continuous closed loops which originate from the exonic region, known as exonic circRNA, but they can also arise from the intronic and the intergenic regions. Continue reading “PcircRNA_finder: Tool to predict circular RNA in plants” »

GenVisR : A tool for genomic visualization

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The ever increasing progress of sequencing techniques has developed a massive amount of genomic data [1]. This has led to an exponential growth of genomic datasets which provide huge information to the scientists. For identifying patterns and investigating biological information, it is necessary to visualize the genomes, but it is quiet difficult to develop such tools. Continue reading “GenVisR : A tool for genomic visualization” »

EVOBLAST: Evolutionary Fingerprinting Analysis Module

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In continuation with the series under “Do you Hyphy…”, this article envisages another very important analytical tool that Datamonkey web server[1] provides us called EVOBLAST[1,2]. EVOBALST stands for Evolutionary Fingerprinting Analysis Results[3]. Continue reading “EVOBLAST: Evolutionary Fingerprinting Analysis Module” »

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