Structural Bioinformatics

How to install DeepView-Swiss PDB Viewer on Linux?


DeepView (Swiss-PDB Viewer) [1] is used to analyze multiple proteins simultaneously. Protein structure alignment, active site comparison, amino acid mutations, H-bonds, and other relevant functions can be easily performed using this software [1]. In this article, we will install DeepView on Linux (Ubuntu). Keep Reading

Homology Modeling of α-Glucosidase Enzyme: 3D Structure Prediction


The word “Homology modeling”, means comparative modeling or sometimes it is known as Template-Based Modeling (TBM), which refers to develop a three dimensional model of a protein structure by extracting the keen information’s from already experimentally known structure of a homologous protein (the template).  The 3D Protein structural information provides great assistance to study the function of different proteins, ligands interactions, dynamics, and Protein-Protein Interactions (PPI). Keep Reading

Biotite: A bioinformatics framework for sequence and structure data analysis


Sequence and structural data in bioinformatics are ever-increasing and the need for its analysis is ever-demanding likewise. As bioinformaticians analyze the data with their keen knowledge and reach important conclusions, similarly, bioinformaticists provide with the enhanced and advanced tools and software for data analysis. Keep Reading

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