Structure Prediction

Tutorial: Basic protein structure modeling using MODELLER


SALI MODELLER [1] is one of the most widely used command-line bioinformatics software for protein structure prediction based on homology modeling. The installation of MODELLER on Ubuntu has already been explained in an article published previously. This article will explain how to perform basic modeling of a protein sequence having a high percent identity with the template. Keep Reading

Methodology for Homology Modeling of a Simple Protein


Previously, we have explained the initial methods involved in the structure prediction of a protein. In that article, we discussed the three basic methods involved in protein structure prediction: Homology modeling, ab-initio, and threading. In this article, we will explain the methodology involved in performing the homology modeling of a simple protein. Keep Reading

Homology Modeling of α-Glucosidase Enzyme: 3D Structure Prediction


The word “Homology modeling”, means comparative modeling or sometimes it is known as Template-Based Modeling (TBM), which refers to develop a three dimensional model of a protein structure by extracting the keen information’s from already experimentally known structure of a homologous protein (the template).  The 3D Protein structural information provides great assistance to study the function of different proteins, ligands interactions, dynamics, and Protein-Protein Interactions (PPI). Keep Reading

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