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Homology Modeling of α-Glucosidase Enzyme: 3D Structure Prediction

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The word “Homology modeling”, means comparative modeling or sometimes it is known as Template-Based Modeling (TBM), which refers to develop a three dimensional model of a protein structure by extracting the keen information’s from already experimentally known structure of a homologous protein (the template).  The 3D Protein structural information provides great assistance to study the function of different proteins, ligands interactions, dynamics, and Protein-Protein Interactions (PPI). Continue reading “Homology Modeling of α-Glucosidase Enzyme: 3D Structure Prediction” »

ab-initio prediction of protein structure: An introduction

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We have heard a lot about the ab-initio term in Bioinformatics, which could be difficult to understand for newbies in the field of bioinformatics. Today, we will discuss in detail what ab-initio is and what are the applicable methods for it. Continue reading “ab-initio prediction of protein structure: An introduction” »

How to perform protein structure modeling using I-Tasser stand-alone tool?

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I-Tasser stands for the iterative threading assembly refinement is a well-known tool for ab-initio structure modeling of proteins [1]. It uses secondary-structure enhanced profile-profile threading alignment (PPA) [2] and iterative structure assembly simulations using a threading assembly refinement program [3]. I-Tasser is used for ab-initio prediction when the similarity of a protein is quite low (<=30%). Mostly, the I-Tasser server [4] is used for this purpose, which can be easily accessed by registering with a valid institutional mail ID.  In this article, we will learn how to predict a protein structure using the I-Tasser standalone version. Continue reading “How to perform protein structure modeling using I-Tasser stand-alone tool?” »

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