Docking is a mechanism to analyze the interaction of two or more molecular structures (i.e., receptor and ligand).

Most widely used software for docking results image generation


Computational docking is an important technique in bioinformatics. The docking result interpretation and representation are important as well. There are various software available for docking result analysis and offer to generate high-quality images for publications. In this article, we will mention such a few software for the same purpose. Keep Reading

What does the coordinates mean in docking?

Researchers working in the field of bioinformatics are well-aware of the word “coordinates” in the context of docking. However, it could be a little difficult to understand the concept of coordinates in docking for beginners and experimental biologists. This is a small article to explain the meaning and role of coordinates in computational docking. Keep Reading

How to perform covalent docking using AutodockFR (ADFR)?


Docking is performed in different ways depending upon the requirements. In some cases, it is required to dock a covalent ligand with the receptor. In this article, we will perform docking of a covalently bound ligand with a receptor using AGFR [1] and ADFR [2]. You can install these tools from the MGLTools2 package. For the installation guide, click here. Keep Reading

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