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How to perform blind docking using AutoDock Vina?

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Blind docking is done when the catalytic/binding residues are unknown in a protein, hence, the binding pocket is unknown. In a previous article, we showed how to perform site-specific docking using Autodock Vina, where we bound a ligand in a catalytic pocket of a protein. Now, this article will cover the blind docking using Autodock Vina. Continue reading “How to perform blind docking using AutoDock Vina?” »

Tutorial: Vina Output Analysis Using PyMol

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The analysis of Autodock Vina [1] results is a bit tricky in the sense of viewing all interactions and selecting the best pose. In our last video tutorial, we explained how to analyze docking results obtained from Vina using PyMol. This article is the written guide for the same. Continue reading “Tutorial: Vina Output Analysis Using PyMol” »

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