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Docking is a mechanism to analyze the interaction of two or more molecular structures (i.e., receptor and ligand).

How to perform Flexible Docking using Autodock Vina?

Flexible docking is when some residues in the interacting bodies (receptor and ligand) are kept flexible leaving the rest of the part as rigid. In this article, we have demonstrated the site-specific docking with flexible side chains in the receptor using Autodock Vina [1]. Keep Reading

How to Find Binding Pocket/ Binding Site for Docking?


Finding out binding sites/pockets in a target protein is one of the important steps in docking studies. It is relatively easier to find a binding pocket in the proteins whose resolved structures are available in PDB than that of the predicted structures. In this article, we will discuss the ways to know a binding pocket or a binding site in a target protein. Keep Reading

Installing GalaxyPepDock & Galaxy-Server on Ubuntu


GalaxyPepDock is a software used for protein-peptide docking based on interaction similarity. In this article, we will install GalaxyPepDock on Ubuntu. Keep Reading

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