Muniba Faiza

Muniba is a Bioinformatician based in the South China University of Technology. She has cutting edge knowledge of bioinformatics tools, algorithms, and drug designing. When she is not reading she is found enjoying with the family. Know more about Muniba

How to search for a specific character in a file using Python?

In this article, a simple python script is provided that can be used to search for a specific character in a file. Keep Reading

Installing MGLTools2 package (ADFR/AGFR/AutoSite) on Ubuntu


MGLTools2 package comes with three different tools for docking: ADFR, AGFR, and AutoSite [1-3]. In this article, we will install this package on Ubuntu. Keep Reading

How to perform Flexible Docking using Autodock Vina?

Flexible docking is when some residues in the interacting bodies (receptor and ligand) are kept flexible leaving the rest of the part as rigid. In this article, we have demonstrated the site-specific docking with flexible side chains in the receptor using Autodock Vina [1]. Keep Reading

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