Muniba Faiza

Muniba is a Bioinformatician based in the South China University of Technology. She has cutting edge knowledge of bioinformatics tools, algorithms, and drug designing. When she is not reading she is found enjoying with the family. Know more about Muniba

Differential Gene Expression Analysis of RNA-Seq data using MeV


Differential gene expression analysis helps in discovering quantitative changes in the expression levels between the experimental groups. For that, statistical testing is done using various software. In this article, we will analyze RNA seq count data using the edgeR module present in the Multiple Experiment Viewer (MeV) [1,2]. Keep Reading

Installing CRISPRCasFinder on Ubuntu


CRISPR/Cas9 is a genome editing technology trending fastly. It is used to identify CRISPR associated genes within the genomes of prokaryotic bacterias. Several tools are available for this. Amongst them, CRISPRCasFinder is one that is used to search for CRISPRs and Cas genes in sequence data [1]. In this article, we will install CRISPRCasFinder on Ubuntu. Keep Reading

Mistakes made during Autodock Vina Installation and Execution


Several errors occur while installing MGLTools and Autodock Vina on Ubuntu. We have explained the complete process of Autodock Vina installation and docking in previous articles. Here are some common errors and mistakes that should be taken care of while installing and running Vina on Ubuntu. Keep Reading

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