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Muniba Faiza

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Linux ‘sed’ command in Perl programming

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When it comes to handling large data files to process, it becomes very difficult to write programs for the beginners, especially when you have to execute another script within one. For this purpose, Linux operating system offers several advantages for bioinformatics programming such as ‘awk’ and ‘sed’ one-liners, they prove to be of great help! Continue reading “Linux ‘sed’ command in Perl programming” »

Machine learning in prediction of ageing-related genes/proteins

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Ageing has a great impact on human health, when people’s age advance towards 80 years, approximately half of the proteins in the body get damaged through oxidation. The chemical degradations occurring in our body produce energy by the consumed food via oxidation in the presence of oxygen. Continue reading “Machine learning in prediction of ageing-related genes/proteins” »

Simulated sequence alignment software: An alternative to MSA benchmarks

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In our previous article, we discussed different multiple sequence alignment (MSA) benchmarks to compare and assess the available MSA programs. However, since last decade, several sequence simulation software have been introduced and are gaining more interest. In this article, we will be discussing various sequence simulating software being used as alternatives to MSA benchmarks. Continue reading “Simulated sequence alignment software: An alternative to MSA benchmarks” »

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