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Muniba Faiza

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Installation of LigPlot+ on Ubuntu

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LigPlot+ is a bioinformatics software to visually analyze the protein-ligand interactions in 2D [1]. It requires a Java interface to run and can be executed on Ubuntu, Windows, and macOS. In this tutorial, we will install LigPlot+ on Ubuntu.¬† Continue reading “Installation of LigPlot+ on Ubuntu” »

How to concatenate FASTA sequences using Perl?

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Here is a simple Perl script to concatenate multiline FASTA sequences into a single line. A similar Perl script has been provided in one of the previous articles (A Perl script to convert multiline FASTA sequences into a single line). That script is useful for the FASTA files¬†consisting of sequences split into a particular number of residues per line. The script provided in this article can also be used for large files consisting of multiple FASTA sequences split into the indefinite number of residues per line. Continue reading “How to concatenate FASTA sequences using Perl?” »

Tutorial: Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation using Gromacs

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Gromacs [1] is one of the most widely used software for molecular dynamics (MD) simulation of macromolecules. One of the previous articles, explains the installation of Gromacs on Ubuntu. This article is about the execution of Gromacs simulating a simple protein. This is a simple tutorial for MD simulation of a protein. Continue reading “Tutorial: Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation using Gromacs” »

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