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Myths about Bioinformatics

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Bioinformatics is rapidly growing since the last few decades and has revolutionized biological research. Researchers are capable of developing therapeutic drugs efficiently, capable of getting rapid results, easy to generate predictions to be tested in an experimental lab, and it has broad applications in the future. However, alongside the increasing applications of the bioinformatics field, some myths have also arisen about it.  Continue reading “Myths about Bioinformatics” »

Editorial: New perspectives for BiR with a new year

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Welcoming BiR into a new year full of goals, new developments, and achievements. This year’s resolution of BiR is to take this endeavor to a brand new platform of international standard and reputation necessary for spreading the knowledge of bioinformatics. Continue reading “Editorial: New perspectives for BiR with a new year” »

Should predatory journals be eliminated completely from the research community?

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The fast-emergence of predatory journals is a new problem in the scientific research area. These journals send attractive advertising emails to the authors to seek money and in turn, they don’t provide any proper service including a peer review for their article. As a result, they publish research studies irrelevantly for the sole purpose of draining the money down from the authors. This is affecting the research quality in the scientific field.  Continue reading “Should predatory journals be eliminated completely from the research community?” »

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