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Ph.D. students to be declared “bandhua mazdoor” (bonded labour)

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A Ph.D. degree is considered difficult to get, you have to do a lot of hard work and give up certain things such as social life, friends, health, fun time, and many others. At first, it is quite difficult to get admission in fine universities for a Ph.D. and then after getting one, it is more difficult to survive. Although the Ph.D. degree is awarded for research when you contribute something novel in your field. But the system has made it quite difficult by implicating various criteria such as the number of papers to be at least published and authorship. Continue reading “Ph.D. students to be declared “bandhua mazdoor” (bonded labour)” »

“Congrats! it is a nice work!”

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After a lot of painstakingly-hard work, researchers publish their papers in reputed journals. There is a huge number of journals worldwide. For the same reason, research published in a very small group of journals can be blindly trusted as authentic and well-founded. This is due to mushrooming of predatory journals, which needs to be weeded out by the scientific community.  Continue reading ““Congrats! it is a nice work!”” »

“What is the scope of bioinformatics?” Do we really need to ask this?

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“What is the scope of bioinformatics?” This is the question which is most frequently asked by some students and scholars. The real question is do we really need to ask this? Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field including computer science, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and many disciplines. Continue reading ““What is the scope of bioinformatics?” Do we really need to ask this?” »

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