Editorial: New perspectives for BiR with a new year

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Welcoming BiR into a new year full of goals, new developments, and achievements. This year’s resolution of BiR is to take this endeavor to a brand new platform of international standard and reputation necessary for spreading the knowledge of bioinformatics.

As bioinformatics is growing and gaining more and more interest in biological research, it has become an essential field in the last few years. Researchers are capable of tracking evolutionary history, designing new drugs, study the nature of organisms, and so on. Keeping that in mind, this year BiR is going to focus on advanced research in bioinformatics. BiR is hoping to organize internship programs and conferences to reach out to experts in bioinformatics.

Besides, new tutorials will be provided both written and video tutorials as per the suggestions of our readers and subscribers. In this aspect, BiR thus seeks viewpoints and suggestions from all the readers. We would greatly appreciate that! We wish for a number of contributions from our readers in the form of articles or questions, and feedback to further improve the science reporting. With the support of our readers, we can easily move further. BiR is thankful to all of you and wishes you a very happy new year with great success ahead.

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