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Bioinformatics Review is creating a research group. The members will coordinate remotely and will work on ongoing projects. The projects are not funded from any source. Dr. Muniba Faiza will head the research group and Mr. Tariq Abdullah will be the coordinator.

The group members will be selected based on the skills and qualifications required for the specified projects.

Should you have any queries, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Previous Project

In-silico approach to design vaccine against COVID-19.

In this project, we tried to design a vaccine against COVID-19 using in silico approaches. We created a Whatsapp group joined by a large number of researchers worldwide.

For details, please visit the following page:

Research on COVID-19 – BiR-nCov19 Drug Development Team

We are working on

Topic 1. MD Simulation Analysis.

Topic 2. Virtual Screening Analysis.

Topic 3. Script to download molecules/compounds.