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A guide on how to read the research articles

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Reading a research article could be a problem for students starting their careers in research. Research papers are sometimes difficult to understand especially when you are new to this field. In this article, we will discuss how to read and understand a research article. Continue reading “A guide on how to read the research articles” »

Should predatory journals be eliminated completely from the research community?

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The fast-emergence of predatory journals is a new problem in the scientific research area. These journals send attractive advertising emails to the authors to seek money and in turn, they don’t provide any proper service including a peer review for their article. As a result, they publish research studies irrelevantly for the sole purpose of draining the money down from the authors. This is affecting the research quality in the scientific field.  Continue reading “Should predatory journals be eliminated completely from the research community?” »

Ph.D. students to be declared “bandhua mazdoor” (bonded labour)

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A Ph.D. degree is considered difficult to get, you have to do a lot of hard work and give up certain things such as social life, friends, health, fun time, and many others. At first, it is quite difficult to get admission in fine universities for a Ph.D. and then after getting one, it is more difficult to survive. Although the Ph.D. degree is awarded for research when you contribute something novel in your field. But the system has made it quite difficult by implicating various criteria such as the number of papers to be at least published and authorship. Continue reading “Ph.D. students to be declared “bandhua mazdoor” (bonded labour)” »

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