Jennifer Wood

My research interest is in understanding the ecology of soil microbial communities and the practical applications this information will have for global sustainability. In particular I am interested in the contribution that soil microbial communities can make to the plant-based bioremediation of heavy metal pollution and to sustainable agricultural practices. I collaborate with soil scientists, community ecologists and bioinformaticians and utilize community-based approaches including community finger-printing and next-generation sequencing technologies to understand the function of soil microbial communities in a variety of soil conditions.

Ultimately I am interested in understanding how soil microbial communities promote plant growth and what drives them to do so. With this information we can utilize soil microbial communities to improve both agriculture and bioremediation.

Leading the future and learning from your elders: experimental ecology and ‘the omics’ for emerging Bioinformaticians

The excitement generated by the ‘omics-revolution’ has opened the door for new and innovative research. Whilst bioinformatics is advancing in many fields such as pathology, microbial ecology, agriculture, and medicine, there is room for researchers new to bioinformatics to take some important lessons from a much older field; ecology.

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Predictive metagenomics profiling: why, what and how ?


What is predictive metagenomics profiling?

Recently, predictive metagenomics profiling (PMP) has been added to the microbial ecologist’s arsenal of strategies for probing microbial communities. Keep Reading

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