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As we dive into a new year, BiR desires to take a step forward towards the new developments and achievements. BiR has achieved a lot since the time of its existence in the form of our readers who have been a wonderful motivation for us. Bioinformatics has become a broad field now, covering the important aspects of our lives such as drug designing and in the last three-to-four years, BiR has not only tried but succeeded in covering almost every domain of Bioinformatics including sequence analysis, structural bioinformatics, docking, phylogeny, evolution, tools, software, and so on. This coming year BiR will focus on several other facets of Bioinformatics covering a wide range of domains including cheminformatics, more articles focussing on bioinformatics programming, big data, and more tutorials regarding new software/tools.

We have received several suggestions and appreciation from our readers all over the world including some interesting topics to cater more articles about. We are currently working on the suggested topics and soon will be made accessible to all. Besides, BiR would like to welcome new authors who are interested in bioinformatics and sharing their knowledge worldwide.

Last year BiR commenced the annual listing of top Indian Bioinformaticians acknowledging our respected scientists and researchers working in the same field. This year BiR will try to arrange talkings and conferences with the bioinformaticians. Besides, BiR hopes to introduce new projects and internships to young researchers working in the same field.

We have many miles to go which is not possible without the support of our readers, subscribers, and contributors. We are wholeheartedly thankful to all of you and wish you a very prosperous and happy new year with great achievements ahead. Keep sharing and spreading knowledge.

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