RNA-seq analysis

RNAIndel: A tool to identify somatic indels from tumor RNA-seq data


It is a challenging task to discover somatic coding indels that are generated during the preparation of the PCR-based RNA-seq library. A new tool called RNAIndel [1] has been developed for this purpose. Keep Reading

Differential Gene Expression Analysis of RNA-Seq data using MeV


Differential gene expression analysis helps in discovering quantitative changes in the expression levels between the experimental groups. For that, statistical testing is done using various software. In this article, we will analyze RNA seq count data using the edgeR module present in the Multiple Experiment Viewer (MeV) [1,2]. Keep Reading

Most widely used web servers/software for single-cell RNA-seq analysis


Gene expression in single cells is measured using single-cell RNA sequencing technology. It helps in finding new and available cell types of different tissues and organs. In this article, the most widely used web servers and software for single-cell RNA-seq analysis are discussed. Keep Reading

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