Short Communication

SciPRank: A quantitative method for evaluation of Research personnel in scientific setup


A journal’s relevance is generally estimated by its impact factor (Web of Science) and the total number of citations of articles published in it. However, the significance of researchers and the ranking of scientists cannot be reflected in the journals’ impact. This is a quite difficult task to rank scientists. Several science matrices have been proposed to rank scientific personnel/researchers (Gao, Wang, Li, Zhang, & Zeng, 2016; Garfield, 2006; Sugimoto & Larivière, 2017; Thwaites, 2014; Van Noorden, 2010) including Hirsch-index (H-index) (Hirsch, 2005) and PageRank (Senanayake, Piraveenan, & Zomaya, 2015). Keep Reading

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