GIANT: A New Tool for Transcriptomic Data Analysis


Transcriptomic data analysis is an important requirement in biomedical research. The bioinformatics tools available for transcriptomic data analysis provide a user-friendly interface that is easily accessible by the experimental biologists as well. A new tool called GIANT-Galaxy-based tool for Interactive ANalysis of Transcriptomic data has been developed by Vandel et al., [1]. Keep Reading

miRNA targets and their functions

miRNA Targets

The regulatory RNA molecules microRNA or miRNA binds to the mRNA through complementary base pairing irrespective of complete or incomplete binding. Keep Reading

miRNAs and their Target Prediction Tools: An Overview


miRNAs are the small endogenous non-coding RNAs having a length less than or ~22 nucleotides. miRNAs are expressed from long transcripts formed in animals, viruses, single-celled eukaryotes and plants [1]. Keep Reading

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