MGL Tools & Autodock Vina installation: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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I have been receiving several e-mails from researchers and students alike regarding the installation of MGL Tools and Autodock Vina on Ubuntu. Most questions are similar in nature, so I thought of answering them once and for all. In this article, I have collected some frequently asked questions and provided the link to their answers present in our question-answer section of Bioinformatics Review.

Question: Error in running autodock vina adt mgltools on Linux.

Question: Error while trying to open Autodock tools.

Question: Problem in launching Autodock tools from the terminal.

Question: Problem in moving Autogrid and Autodock.

Question: How should I use “pmv” or “adt”?

Question: Error in running Autodock Vina from the terminal.

Question: Unable to run Autodock using “adt” alias.

Question: Error while installing mgltools.

If these are not the questions you are looking for, then feel free to ask in our ‘Bioinformatics Discussion‘ section or write to [email protected].

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