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Do we need more bioinformaticists or bioinformaticians?

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As we all know the major difference between a bioinformaticist and a bioinformatician is that a bioinformaticist is an expert in developing software, tools, interfaces for effective use of these tools with a pure knowledge of their usage, on the other hand, a bioinformatician is a skilled person with knowledge of the application of these tools and software without a deeper understanding of their workflows.  Continue reading “Do we need more bioinformaticists or bioinformaticians?” »

BiR: Impact report – July 2016 & More

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As we improve the quality of articles and as we are nearing our first collective birthday, Bioinformatics Review has expanded its reach, opening new avenues. The progress is summarised as below:

  • We have partnered with London Business Conference Group to be official media partner for Discovery Informatics and Analytics Summit 2016
  • Our scientific articles are starting to appear in Google Scholar, articles indexed there can be viewed by following this link.
  • Bioinformatics Review was visited over 143,801 times in July 2016.

As for DIAS Summit 2016, we are giving away 15% coupons to our readers. To claim a discount coupon, please visit our Facebook page.

Do share this page with your colleagues and refer them for a coupon.

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