Guideline for Authors

While we try to accommodate a wide variety of writing styles and languages, All BiR authors are required to follow guidelines mentioned below.

For Peer Reviewed Research/Review Article submission guidelines please visit this link.

Following guidelines are only for short communications, popular articles and explainers:

  • Please write short, informative paragraphs consisting of crisp sentences in everyday English.
  • Avoid Useless Content even if you are an idiot, or if you write so well
  • Keep leads short. Those with 10 words or less are preferred.
  • Leads limited to one or two sentences are preferred.
  • Avoid starting leads with “when” or “where” unless the time or place is unusual. Most leads start with “How”, “who” or “what.”
  • Avoid beginning leads with “there” or “this.”
  • The first five to “what happened” makes a better story than the fact it did.
  • Use quote and question leads sparingly.



  • Keep paragraphs short. Those limited to 60 words or less or no longer than 10 typeset lines are preferred.
  • Paragraphs limited to one to three sentences are preferred.
  • Each paragraph should contain only one idea.
  • Remember short paragraphs encourage readers to continue reading.


  • Avoid words that reinforce ageist, racial and ethnic stereotypes.
  • Avoid racial identification except when it’s essential to communication.
  • Substitute asexual words for “man” words or sexist words.

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