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Bioinformatics Review Quiz

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  • Bioinformatics Review 1st International Quiz

    Duration:4 June 2016 to 19 June 2016

    Topic:  Application of Bioinformatics in ______(Field of your choice)

    How to Participate:
    To participate, register on Bioinformatics Review as a subscriber by going to account->register. Afterwards, send your entries to [email protected]. Go to our Facebook page, Like it and then try to answer whenever we ask a question during the quiz duration. Tag any two people studying/working in/teaching Biology with your answer for +1 Marks.

Terms and Conditions
1. A minimum of three entries are required for the competition to remain open else it may be declared null and void, however the final decision in this regard rests with the Journal management
2. There will be two tier analysis of the best entry. First tiers with a award component of 10% will be by voting by subscribers on the journal page  and second tier will be judgment by the board of editors comprising 90% marks. Thus, the answer getting the highest marks in both the tiers will be winning entry of the month.
3. Maximum limit 1000 words
4. It is mandatory for all the participants to be a subscriber of the journal if not they can register themselves at the journal (free of cost).
5. There is no age or educational bar on the participants.
6. All copyrights are reserved with the journal management.