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Arun Kumar Maurya

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First International Quiz

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We are pleased to announce Bioinformatics Review 1st International Quiz. This is an extensive Bioinformatics Quiz that involves submission of a detailed answer on “Application of Bioinformatics in ________(Subject area of your choice)” and answering questions to be put up on our Facebook Page during the quiz duration(4th June to 19th June). The participants have to send the answer in a descriptive form with references by 19th of June. the best entry will be published and awarded a cash prize of Rs 500, and a certificate from the board of editors.

Biological Databases & Intellectual Property Rights-An Introduction

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Bioinformatics is an emerging discipline of science and technology. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI, 2001) defines Bioinformatics as “a field of science in which Biology, Computer Science, and Information Technology merge into a single discipline”. Continue reading “Biological Databases & Intellectual Property Rights-An Introduction” »

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