Evaluate predicted protein distances using DISTEVAL

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Evaluate predicted protein distances using DISTEVAL

A new webserver called DISTEVAL [1] is developed that evaluates the predicted protein distances. This web server evaluates the inter-residue distances and offers several other features as well.

DISTEVAL assesses the predicted inter-residue contacts and distances both quantitatively and qualitatively [1]. It can evaluate the protein distances even without the 3D structure of a protein. DISTEVAL evaluates the predictions using different matrices including root mean squared error, mean absolute error, and contact precision.

Users input predicted contacts or distances and the 3D structure of the protein. DISTEVAL evaluates the input and generates heatmaps and chord diagrams as qualitative assessment. The heatmaps and chord diagrams can be drawn in three different coloring schemes [1].

DISTEVAL web server is freely accessible at http://deep.cs.umsl.edu/disteval/. It is also available to download from Github. The source code is written in Python, HTML, & CSS.

For more details on DISTEVAL, click here.


  1. Adhikari, B., Shrestha, B., Bernardini, M. et al. (2021). DISTEVAL: a web server for evaluating predicted protein distances. BMC Bioinformatics 22, 8.
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