Bioinformatics Programming

A collection of articles on bioinformatics programming published in Bioinformatics Review.

Nested SQL queries and aggregate functions for complex information retrieval from a database


In one of our previous articles, we have mentioned a few basic SQL queries to search in a database. In this article, we have described a few nested SQL queries and aggregate functions for information retrieval from a biological database. Keep Reading

Basic SQL Queries to Create and Retrieve Information from a Database

In this article, basic SQL queries are described to create, update, drop, and perform other functions on a database. Keep Reading

Some common awk bash commands to modify multi-FASTA files


Some basic operations on multi-FASTA sequence files is a tedious task without using bioinformatics programming. It helps in modifying FASTA sequences or their headers such as removal, addition, or substitution of certain characters in the header, or manipulating the sequence format, and so on. In such cases, shell bash commands provide an easy way to perform such tasks on FASTA sequences. Keep Reading

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