ped_drew: A New Tool for Pedigree Visualization

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peddrew: pedigree analysis tool

A new command-line and web tool are developed for easy visualization of pedigree files. These files help to understand the complete family tree in case of any disease or to know the affected status of individuals across multiple generations.

This bioinformatics tool is known as “ped_drew” [1]. ped_drew allows the easy visualization of complex pedigrees that involve multiple generations. The web tool is available at On the web tool, users can either upload a pedigree file or paste the file in the provided input box. It allows downloading the output in PNG, SVG, and PDF format.

The command-line tool of ped_drew uses Graphviz to generate image files. It requires one-liner commands [1]. It is available to download at ped_drew is written in Python and requires Python2.7.15 or greater version. Graphviz must also be installed on your system as it is not provided with the software.

For further details, click here.


  1. Velinder, M., Lee, D., & Marth, G. (2020). ped_draw: pedigree drawing with ease. BMC bioinformatics21(1), 1-5.


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