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Role of Information Theory, Chaos Theory, and Linear Algebra and Statistics in the development of alignment-free sequence analysis

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Sequence alignment is a customary to not only find similar regions among a pair of sequences but also to study the structural, functional and evolutionary relationship between organisms. Many tools have been discovered to achieve the goal of alignment of a pair of sequences, separately for nucleotide sequence and amino acid sequence, BLOSSUM & PAM [1] are a few to name. Continue reading “Role of Information Theory, Chaos Theory, and Linear Algebra and Statistics in the development of alignment-free sequence analysis” »

Bioinformatics Challenges and Advances in RNA interference

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RNA interference is a post-transcriptional gene regulatory mechanism to down-regulate the gene expression either by mRNA degradation or by mRNA translation inhibition. The mechanism involves a small partially complementary RNA against the target gene. To perform the action, it also requires a class of dedicated proteins to process these primary RNAs into mature microRNAs. The guide sequence determines the specificity of the miRNA. Therefore, the knowledge of guide sequence is crucial for predicting its targets and also exploiting the sequence to create a new regulatory circuit. In this short review, we will briefly discuss the role and challenges in miRNA research for unveiling the target prediction by bioinformatics and to foster our understanding and applications of RNA interference. Continue reading “Bioinformatics Challenges and Advances in RNA interference” »

Systems pharmacology and drug development

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Systems pharmacology is an emerging area in the field of medicinal chemistry and pharmacology which utilizes systems network to understand drug action at the organ and organism level. It applies the computational and experimental systems biology approaches to pharmacology, which includes network analyzes at multiple biological organization levels facilitating the understanding of both therapeutic and adverse effects of the drugs. Nearly a decade ago, the term systems pharmacology was used to define the drug action in a specific organ system such as reproductive pharmacology [1], but to date, it has been expanded to different organ and organism levels [2]. Continue reading “Systems pharmacology and drug development” »

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