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New features to predict miRNA target sites in mRNAs

In order to study gene regulation, it is necessary to identify the target sites of miRNA in mRNA. miRNAs have been the main point of research as its binding to mRNA degrades the target mRNA and also prevents the translation of target mRNAs [1-4]. The identification of miRNA target sites, target mRNAs and the potential functional roles of miRNA may be assigned. Continue reading “New features to predict miRNA target sites in mRNAs” »

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List of all Journals with impact factor and rank

In continuation with our previous tutorial on how to select a journal for your research, we observed that there is an unavailability of authentic data on the web where you could list all the impact factor journals and rank them according to their Impact Factors. To fill this gap, we are sharing a an exhaustive… Keep Reading


BiR: Impact report – July 2016 & More

As we improve the quality of articles and as we are nearing our first collective birthday, Bioinformatics Review has expanded its reach, opening new avenues. The progress is summarised as below: We have partnered with London Business Conference Group to be official media partner for Discovery Informatics and Analytics Summit 2016 Our scientific articles are starting… Keep Reading

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