Tutorial: MD simulation output analysis of a complex using GROMACS


We have provided several tutorials on molecular dynamics (MD) simulation (please check further reading section). They include installation of simulation software, simulation of a simple protein, and a complex. In this article, we will analyze the GROMACS [1] output of MD simulation of a complex. Keep Reading

How to submit MD simulation job on a cluster server using PBS script?

Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation is one of the most widely used methods in bioinformatics. It needs high computation time and therefore, performed on workstations and servers. It requires software to upload and download files to and from the server. In this article, we have explained how to submit MD simulation jobs on cluster computers using PBS scripts. Keep Reading

Installing GROMACS on Ubuntu with CUDA GPU Support


GROMACS [1] is one of the most popular software in bioinformatics for molecular dynamic (MD) studies of macromolecules. We have provided different tutorials regarding MD simulation using GROMACS including its installation on Ubuntu. In this article, we will install GROMACS with GPU acceleration. Keep Reading

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