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A collection of articles explaining installation and usage of different bioinformatics tools.

Alvis- A New Tool for Alignment & Visualization of Contigs & Reads and Chimera Detection


Visualization of running alignments of reads and contigs facilitates easy analysis and is useful in presenting assembly results. Several tools such as Artemis, BLAST Web, Circos, and so on, exist. A new tool called Alvis is developed for easy alignment and visualization of contigs and reads [1]. It can also be used for chimera detection. Keep Reading

Method-2: Installing GROMACS on Ubuntu 20.04 with CUDA GPU Support


We have provided a tutorial on installing GROMACS [1] on Ubuntu with CUDA GPU support. The methods may vary depending upon the requirements of your system. Therefore, in this article, we provide another method to configure GROMACS with CUDA. Keep Reading

Installing TopHat2 on Ubuntu


TopHat is one of the most widely used tools for RNA-seq reads to map splice junction [1]. It uses Bowtie to align mammalian genomes. The older versions of TopHat require the separate installation of SAMTools. But the versions 2.0 onwards come with an inbuilt stable SAMTools package. In this article, we will install TopHat2.1.1. on Ubuntu. Keep Reading

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