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A collection of articles explaining installation and usage of different bioinformatics tools.

Predict putative protein targets for small molecules using a new tool


It is computationally costly to predict target proteins for query compounds or a chemical library to be run on a local computer. A new tool called FastTargetProtein has been developed to predict putative protein targets for small molecules [1]. Keep Reading

Converting smiles into 3D structures using openbabel.


Openbabel is used to inter-convert many file formats [1]. It is available for Linux, Windows, and MAC operating systems. In this article, we will learn how to generate 3D structures of compounds present in the form of smiles on Ubuntu as well as on Windows. Keep Reading

Most widely used web servers/software for single-cell RNA-seq analysis


Gene expression in single cells is measured using single-cell RNA sequencing technology. It helps in finding new and available cell types of different tissues and organs. In this article, the most widely used web servers and software for single-cell RNA-seq analysis are discussed. Keep Reading

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