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A collection of articles explaining installation and usage of different bioinformatics tools.

Prepare receptor and ligand files for docking using Python scripts


Docking software such as Autodock4 [1] and Autodock Vina [2] require input receptor and ligand files in a specific format called pdbqt. Sometimes, preparing files using Autodock Tools (ADT) gives various errors that are not easily understandable. Especially, when we are performing virtual screening (VS), we need to convert a lot of files from pdb to pdbqt format. Converting each file one by one using ADT is a tedious job. Therefore, python scripts provided by Autodock are quite helpful. Keep Reading

Genozip- a new compression tool for VCF files


Variant Call Format (VCF) is a text file format used to store thousands of genomic datasets. Since these files consist of a large number of gene sequences, their file size is quite large even after compression. Recently, a new compression tool has been introduced known as genozip [1]. Keep Reading

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