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A collection of articles explaining installation and usage of different bioinformatics tools.

Installing TREE-PUZZLE on Ubuntu


TREE-PUZZLE is a software to reconstruct phylogenetic trees using the maximum likelihood method [1,2]. It requires sequence data as input and implements a fast search algorithm and quartet puzzling. It can process large datasets easily. In this article, we will install TREE-PUZZLE on Ubuntu. Keep Reading

Installing HMMER package on Ubuntu


HMMER tool is used for searching sequence homologs using profile hidden Markov Models (HMMs) [1]. It is also one of the most widely used alignment tools. In this article, we will install the latest HMMER package on Ubuntu. Keep Reading

How to Compress and Decompress FASTQ, SAM/BAM & VCF Files using genozip?


genozip is a tool for lossless compression of large files including VCF, FASTQ, and SAM/BAM files [1]. In this article, we explain the usage of the genozip tool for the compression and decompression of these files. Keep Reading

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