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Web-based tools for protein-peptide docking

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Protein-protein interactions are considered necessary in the interactome analysis as they play an important in various biological processes such as post-translational modifications and signal transduction, and short peptides mediate around 40% of protein-protein interactions[1]. They are also found involved in some kind of infections and critical human diseases such as cancer [2,3]. Continue reading “Web-based tools for protein-peptide docking” »

Most widely used tools for phylogenetic tree customization

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Most of the times, it is a very tedious job to convert file formats in bioinformatics, especially when we are dealing with phylogeny. Most of the available online servers mess your file and the output format is also not supported by the other programs. Additionally, it is quite difficult to perform other customizations on the phylogeny tree. Continue reading “Most widely used tools for phylogenetic tree customization” »

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