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Recent advances in in-silico approaches for enzyme engineering

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Enzymes are natural biocatalysts and an attractive alternative to chemicals providing improved efficiency for biochemical reactions. They are widely utilized in industrial biotechnology and biocatalysis to introduce new functionalities and enhance the production of enzymes. In order to be proved beneficial for the industrial purposes, the enzymes need to be optimized by applying protein engineering. This article specifically reviews the recent advancements in the computational approaches for enzyme engineering and structural determination of the enzymes developed in recent years to improve the efficiency of enzymes, and the creation of novel functionalities to obtain
products with high added value for industrial applications.
Continue reading “Recent advances in in-silico approaches for enzyme engineering” »

Lipidomics: An overview

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Lipids are the essential metabolites in human body performing different functions such as energy storage, endocrine actions, cell signaling, morphogenesis, and so on. Using lipidomics approach, it has become easier to study the lipids species in an organism. Continue reading “Lipidomics: An overview” »

A short introduction to protein structures modification and ModFinder

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A lot of protein structures are determined on a large scale and submitted in Protein Data Bank (PDB) [1]. After the experimental determination of these structures, they are used in many scientific studies and experiments are performed upon them such as mutagenesis, docking, and so on. Continue reading “A short introduction to protein structures modification and ModFinder” »

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