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“What is the scope of bioinformatics?” Do we really need to ask this?

“What is the scope of bioinformatics?” This is the question which is most frequently asked by some students and scholars. The real question is do we really need to ask this? Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field including computer science, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and many disciplines. Continue reading ““What is the scope of bioinformatics?” Do we really need to ask this?” »

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NGS/Sequence Analysis/Softwares

ALFALFA explained

High throughput sequencing has revolutionized the new world of bioinformatics research. Since everyone is aware of the Human Genome project in which the human genome has been sequenced, millions of species have been sequenced so far. Sequencing is a very important aspect of bioinformatics so new faster and better sequencing techniques are needed . New… Keep Reading

Editorial/Starting Up

Bioinformatics Review – The road ahead

Bioinformatics, being one of the best field in terms of future prospect, lacks one thing – a news source. For there are a lot of journals publishing a large number of quality research on a variety of topics such as genome analysis, algorithms, sequence analysis etc., they merely get any notice in the popular press.… Keep Reading

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